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My name is Tameron and I was always just a Michael and Janet fan. I knew La Toya existed, but always thought of her as "Micheal Jackson's sister". I never even knew she sang, until I saw her on the VH1 All Access special. I soon fell in love with her music, intrigued by the rarity of it. I bought up a few of her albums but wasn't able to find many. I was able to get "Heart Don't Lie", "Imagination", and "La Toya" on cassette and converted them to CD, and of course I found the common "Bad Girl" but also the rare "Why Don’t You Want My Love" album as well as "GOLD". I treasure all of my La Toya CDs deeply, because the music contained in them is so great. Even though she isn't that great of a vocalist, its her spirit and energy that just make you get a smile on your face from listening to it. I hope she does successfully with Starting Over.

-Tameron Cantrell

Big thanks to Tameron for help with some of those tricky Euro-rap lyrics!

Hello there-
I saw you on Larry king and you are an incredible woman. You are fun and intriguing plus looking at you adds joy to my life. Please write back. -Dan K.

Sorry, Dan, this is a fan site, and has no contact with the divine Miss Jackson herself. Here's her official website:

I just want to say in every way that I more than support LaToya, and that my first motion of support is for her to just "stick to the truth." That will always set her free and make her right. Ya know? I know that she has "always" had this wall (or endless walls) of opposite pushing her back and down, wall(s) that she has always had to deal with (in countless forms these walls have come for her as well), to which I can only say THANK GOD it NEVER broke her!!- Even though I think we all know that it came close. THANK GOD it never did, none of us need another Princess Di or Cheyenne Brando tragedy!!! :)) Agree?
I know that the Micheal thing is almost too hard for her to answer for as well, AND SHE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO! That is Michael's deal to answer, it's NOT LaToya's! LaToya has no part of that, so to put LaToya on the spot about it is (like I said- ANOTHER WALL) just pushing her back over the cliff (again), and everyone should realize that and BACK OFF! Agree?
Also, the J. Gordon thing was as abusive as anything and I'm sure that she is having the hardest in the world just getting her mind and soul out of that (even comparable to what Sybil must have had to deal with when she was taken from her mother-- the infamous 7 personality/scientific startling Sybil), so EVERYONE needs to just back off and let LaToya LIVE!!! Anybody with me on this one? She'll answer about that when she is ready, and can "completely" cover the subject. Don't they get it? They should if they are "wise journalists" at all. Ya know?
I could just tell with all that I've seen from her, her past interviews clear up until tonights appearance on Larry King. She has had to "wing it" for so long to stay up that it's uncomprehendable! I know that if any of us could have gotten to her to help her waaayyy back then we would have done anything to do so, but I'm sure that almost all felt that "The Jackson's" probably had her back, but now we are finding they didn't really. MAN I WISH I KNEW!!! (I'm sure same as the rest of us- "can I get a HELL YEA!!!") "I just thank God that she survived and is getting better." I just hope the worst for J. Gordon after all of that, but would want his head if she would have fallen to his enslavement and committed suicide. Ya know? Believe me, I can see it in her eyes, "it truely is a miracle that she is still with us today!!!" I've lived a simular life and do what "exactly" what she had to deal with and live with, and I can see it in all her manorism, "she surely did seriously contemplate suicide."
She will admit it someday, but because sooo much of the world wont fully understand what she was going through until some time down the road, she can't admit it yet without getting "blowback" from it." Ya know? Just like what happened to Mariah. "Did you all see how everyone had compassion there?" Without even looking into "why" Mariah had a breakdown, the public just went for her jugular... as if she had done something to them?!! Ya know?
So LaToya, I THANK GOD GREATLY THAT YOU MADE IT! My prayers have always been with you, and even though you have made some definite mistakes, let me tell you something, "WE ALL HAVE!" So don't fret. We just didn't have the looks you have to have everyone's attention when we did it, so it didn't get publicized. Also we weren't related to the Jackson 5 as well, so our mistakes went unnoticed. So no one should blame you. Christ said Himself "He who is free of sin, cast the first stone." Well...? If anyone out there is free of mistakes, then....? Get it.
So YOU GO GIRL!!! All of us that are wise and know better are behind ya and are just waiting for your best work to come!!! (for it is- all that in the past was "JUST TRAINING"- agree?) So, as I've heard it said many a times when it came time to do something totally real and serious--- LET'S GET IT ON!!! Take care and God bless! :)))

R. Corum
Las Vegas, NV.

latoya, most celebs probably don't read what we write,
but wait no negative energy, i am a poet and songwriter,
once i met quincy jones, just in an apartment, now that was a positive thing for me, but now i saw you on larry king
tonight, you filled me with such positive energy, i wrote this for you, i am male 63, i got out of a controlling, lady situation
9 years ago, tonight i was so inspired by you, now once again i have renewed, my positive energy.
To my new Friend Toy Toy

If you can read the words i write and feel positive energy
then i have done the best i could do with the words
that were conveyed to me. If you can move forward
from just sharing a few words with me, then we are both sharing a part of the universe that was meant to be,
yes you must put aside all your negative energy.
you and I will be sharing our positive energy and passing
it along to the world, so they can share it with you and me.

Wrote thiis cold after seeing you March 9 2003

my creed is peace thru prose, i have been pulished 5 times
if i receive a reply i will share with you more of my poetry
thank you, randy g.

Dear LaToya Jackson,
Hii!!! As your fan for the last thirty (30years) I was more
than thrilled to see you on TV...early this morning
(6:00am EAT)(Kenya). This was on Larry King Show on
CNN.Well done for all that I heard on the interview.
Be assured that you still have a great following in
this country...Kenya, and I happen to be your fan
No.1. I have really missed you. Be assured of this dear.
You're just great. I really long to see the day when i can just shake your hand and really make you understand what it means
to make a friend....that has lived in obscurity for
the past 30years...without your knowing.
I am known as Benwens.Aged 52.A professional
educationist(having taught for 26yrs),a promoter of
culture - Afro-American and a believer in hard work
before success. I love the Jackson's family, since 1974.
Invitation: I would like to invite you to come and
tour Kenya. To enjoy the flora and fauna. What of our
fine Beaches on the Coast at Mombasa, Our
International Hotels in Nairobi and in the parks e.g.
Maasai Mara, World class Wildlife e.g. the Big Five,
Hippo, Elephant, Giraffe, Lion, Rhino; Climb Mount
Kenya (2nd highest in Africa),a boat ride on Lake
Victoria(the biggest in Africa and second largest in
he world),the great Rift Valley at Nakuru with the
famous Flamingo's; our historical sites, our
traditional songs and dances our peoples e.g. the
Maasai and the rest; our sumptuous foods etc etc.(If
you allow me I would like to send you a tourism
brochure for our country Kenya, for your
sampling).Please kindly accept the invitation and
arrange to come over. It will be a trip you'll never
forget in the rest of your lifetime. With a new
political dispensation life in Kenya is back to boom
and glory.

I have been thinking of starting a school in your
name:(for the exceptionally gifted and talented boys
and girls in Nairobi).If you only allow me i.e. it
would be named:-
The LaToya Jackson
Brilliant Educational Centre-international.
(Why ? I would like to see your name prosper here in
Kenya and Africa.Because,surely and truly these are
your roots...Africa.LaToya,we have so many kids that
need help to punctuate their talents,skills and
natural gifts. Please pass my best regards to your brothers and
sister (especially Michael and Janet)and to your mum
and dad. I really like Michael's NEVERLAND Estate. It is one
place one would never want to miss visiting on arrival
in the USA. I love your Family!!!You are an example of the
ultimate achievement of the black race in the USA.Keep
it up.You have made us proud.

Please Note:
*The School; The LaToya Jackson
Brilliant Educational Centre International will start
first in a small way. On a 10acre plot in the city
(already identified),25 kids per class of 2 streams
per standard or grade(from grade one(1)-to-grade
*If I were to receive any donation or funding for this
project, I prefer using" Western Union Money
Transfer"system. It is quite efficient. The present
exchange rates are at 1US$=78Kenya shs.
*I have today put aside US$2,000 as an initial stipend
for the project. The initial projected amount is
USD$1,500,000 on the available target proposal.
*There are lots of blessings when one helps the less
advantaged kids in our society. This is your chance
LaToya.Take it. With the millions of fans that adore you around theworld,with thousands of friends and associates,a great
family to fall back to,you are "UNBWOGABLE"-unbeatable.
*LaToya...what do you suggest???
It has been nice communicating to you.
God bless.I wish you well and stay in good health.
Please,may I hear from you soon.
Thanks again. You are so sweet.
Yours truly,
Benwens M.

The The LaToya Jackson Brilliant Educational Centre-International! Wow! Do you accept correspondant students? Isn't "Unwogable" the name of Michael's last album?

hi latoya me and my daughter was watching larry king live .I got to say you look good !!!!! . i'm glad you got away from GORDON .you look like you got your life back when i see you smile you got that glow of i'm free .i hope you and your family can have many wonderful family days life is to short please take full advantage of it .i wish you and you family the best of luck .tell michael we love him and we support him i'm a single father with 2 kids and they need a good mother like you .if GORDON comes around tell him you have a friend in TEXAS that would love to whip his ASS. and that was not a joke tell him to bring it on i'm waiting .you look so good .you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .tomorrow me and my kids are going to buy your CD. when you are in TEXAS come and see your future husband!!!!!!!! love you LARRY

your insporation

Latoya my name is shay and I am still a teen i have recently been put in foster care because of many of issues. when i look at you and michell and also janet you three are my insporations you guyz are so strong im not gonna say that i wanna be a entertaner because i know in my heart that i some day will be an entertaner the popartzy has been on michell so much but i belive its just because they want to be in his shoes i admire you and michell the most because if you arent happy with something on your body than its yours to change and i some day will get my nose and my cheeks fixed . i think you are brilliant individuals and yous belive in your selves and because of that i belive in my self


hey my name is latoya too im 21 I think your really cool I'm glad ur happy now good luck in everything you do peace. - latoya

Hi LaToya
I saw you on Larry King show and thought you were great. I am a 50 year old women and am very proud of you and your family. I come from a family of 17 children and I am the youngest one. So I know what family means. What it means to stand up for family in hard times.

Your admirer, The Hopper

I saw LaToya on Larry King and she looks beautiful. I was very please to see how well LaToya handle herself and when Joseph called the show It was a wonderful to hear the exchange between them. Latoya, I want you to know that many people out here love and admirer your family and pray for your well being. Most importantly the Lord Jesus Christ love you unconditionally and wants to share an eternal love relationship with you.

Your brother Michael has always been special to all of us and I am praying that will do a wonderful work in his life. The Lord Jesus love him and has died in order to pay for all his sin, pass present and future. Michael is misunderstood by many people but his love for children is not unusual, Christ was known to love little children. In the bible once He was ministering to some children when his disciples tried to keep the children away, however, Jesus replied, "Suffer the children to come unto me for such is the Kingdom of God.

Jesus also said for anyone to inherit the Kingdom they have to come as a child.

It is clear that Michael had to abandoned his childhood to accomplish the heights of his illustrious career. If I had a chance to talk to him, I would tell him Jesus loves him just the way he is. Jesus understands him and He wants to fellowship with him.

May the Lord Jesus be gracious to you and keep you and your family safe.

Sincerely your: Paul

Dear La Toya:
I am so thrilled to have seen you tonight on Larry King Live. I have always adored you, and under your "old management" I could always feel your despair and could tell that you were not happy. I understand the prison you are free from, and seeing you so happy with a heart overflowing with Joy, back in the groove with your self and your family, and busting out all over with talent. I can't wait to purchase your new CD, and I checked our the Trailer on your film and want to see it for sure. God has blessed you and your family, the world has extracted it pay, but the lord is not undone, because all of you are still a parade. I am so sincerely happy to be in awe, of your "starting all over." God bless and keep you well, and may the joy never stop flowing from your heart to the world. Can I hear an AMEN? AMEN!
Your Fan,
Eric L S

Hi LaToya,
I was so excited when i saw you on Larry King. You did great and wonderfully well in that interview.I must say that i am one of Micheal's fan and the whole family in general.I was so angry when i watch the show King did on Micheal and i was so relieved when Jermaine called and put some sanity on those girls who were just fortunate to be where they are because of their colour.I just want you guys to always rally around Micheal and always defend him in anyway you guys can. If i had Jermaine email i would have sent him a thank you mail for that phone call he made at that show. I would like you to extend my greetings to him and his family. I also want to congratulate your parents for a good job done on raising you guys to be good people and above all the only family as big and as famous as yours and no drug scandal ever that is something you mum should be proud of and whatever anybody says should be looked at as act of jealousy. I wish we had such parents as yours i think there would have been less crime amongst the blacks. I am writing you from Netherlands and i don't know if you might be coming here during your tour.

I love you LaToya and your Family

ello fellow La Toya Jackson Fans thought I'd write in just in case anyone is still listening. I'm not sure how out dated most of these post are I found one that I wrote two years ago so I'll date this entry January 18, 2001. If anyone would like to talk about La Toya or share collections please email me at
I havent heard of anything new coming out by La Toya the last rumour that I heard was she was working with Janet on a new album. I dout that is true though. I'm hoping for a 2001 album at the very least... Until then I'm continuing to play all my La Toya CDs, Tapes, and Records LOUDER THAN EVER!

Paul Velasquez, Los Angeles CA.

This is the best site I've ever seen of latoya.

Oops I forgot she is the best

i'm so glad someone has made a website on LaToya Jackson. It's really too bad how underrated she is-i really love her music, and i always try to get my hands on something i don't have of hers. So far i only have a scratched copy of "Heart Don't Lie", "Imagination" (which is really good), and "LaToya", which may be my favorite. i also love Rebbie Jackson-her "Reaction" album deserved to be at the top of the charts! Michael and Janet are also pretty coo, too. Well, keep up the good work, and keep listening to Toy!

a total world of whatever,

La Toya
I used to idolize you and now your ok there is only one song that I like is "Hearts Don't Lie". I have a question about that song. Is that a song about love when someone is hiding their feelings the person that he or she feels about the other person? I think that song is means if your attracted to someone.

My mom's hair is always straight it reminds me of you. There is this one picture of you that I like but I've seen alot your wearing hoop earrings and a black top it has gold buttons on it.

I think your amazing person that's my opinion.
May God Bless you

Sincerely, Brandy Walker
Just a reminder, this site is not run by LaToya herself. Just fans who love and admire her like you! LaToya's lyrics can be a complex emotional tapestry, we leave the interpretation up to the listener.

I'm a very big La Toya fan since I discovered her in 1994 . I know that she doesn't have so many female fans , but I like her very , very much . I've tried to find her so great record HEART DON'T LIE for almost 4 years and now I finally got it . I just love her so much . I don't know what she does currently , the last thing I heard about her was that she was broke . I live in Germany , one doesn't get so many things about her here . Well . I feel very much love for her , and when I first heard about her I really didn't know she was M.J's sister . It was just HER I was so fascinated by and still am . My favorite song is NOT GIVING UP ON LOVE . I just can't help but I don't think she's happy . I would do everything to make her happy because she is so special . We all know that , don't we ? I know many men like her just because she was in PLAYBOY . I don't like that because she's more than just a body . That's why I don't call her "Toy" because I don't want her to be a toy . I really hope she's happy.
Any La Toya lovers can e-mail me at Would be happy because I don't know anyone who loves her as much as I do .
Lots of love from Doro

I miss her. I miss her. I miss her!!!! Glad to find this site. I've been a fan of LaToya's ever since I heard the release of "Betcha Gonna Need My Lovin' " I'm trying to find a copy of the country music CD she recorded. Can you help?


Sadly, "From Nashville To You", LaToya's '94 country album is rather difficult to find.

I'm so glad that there is a webpage about you. I love your songs, your the greatest. My name is Latoya and when I go to school and say that they say, hi Latoya Jackson. I'm not bothered by that because your a good person to be.


I like your webpage on LaToya ,especially because I was named after her. Keep up the good work.

Scotti here again. Just finished reading some of the mail from the fans. Paul wrote in "I can't die until I have seen a Rebbie Jackson and LaToya concert" . I honestly felt like the only person in the world who felt the same!! Look at my E-Mail name! I love Rebbie, LaToya, and Michael. My dream is to meet them and/or have at least one single released with the 3 of them as a trio. SIGH!!! You guys have MADE MY DAY! From the bottom of my heart THANK-YOU . How can I talk to Paul or any of her other fans. PLease E-Mail me if you can. Ps.- To LaToya- you still have fans who love you!

To The Universal Love Of LaToya-

My name is Steven Jr. and I'm 16 years old. I am a huge fan of Latoya's and have been ever since the late 80's. I wanted to write to you and let you know what a great job you did with this website. I was thrilled to finally find a site devoted to the real Latoya instead of her playboy stuff. I think she has got the best voice in the world. I am anticipating the E! true hollywood story! I had a few questions that I was hoping someone might be able to answer-

1.Did anyone ever hear of a cd called "Gold"?

2.Does anyone know where I can get "My special love" or "???. Those are the only two albums that I am missing by her! I hope someone can help me out

3.Does anyone know where the song "1000 grande" came from??

I saw it in a letter from Paul who had it on his greatest hit's collection.I've never heard of it. Keep up the great work! I can not wait to check back and hope that someone has answered my letter. Thank you so much- I only hope that LaToya has seen this site or knows how much her fans really love her! Steven Jr.
Great letter, Steven! #1- Gold is the same as Sexual Feeling and He's My Brother and Bad Girl and every other name that album has been released under. #2 I'd try watching ebay as your best bet. #3 Never heard of it! Anyone know?

O Hello there!! It's great to see a La Toya page out there on the net. When I first looked for pages about her all I got was nude celeb links. Anyways I sorta thought I was one of the only people here that liked LaToya. I just read her book and I just learned about all the stuff that happened with Jack and her family after the whole thing and I really admire her for standing her ground and just plain surviving through it all. Those years wirth Jack must have been hell! I can only imagine how she could have felt. I hope one day La Toya makes a comeback (with a new hairdo, musical,style, manager etc..) It would be great if that could happen. Hopefully one day she could star in a major film here in North America. The first time I listened to La Toya was when I went to a used record shop and got the "You're Gonna Get Rocked" 12''single. That's probably my fav. La Toya song. But my fav. LP is "No Relations", some of her best songs are on there ("Rock The House", "Be My Playboy", "Sexbox", "Wild Side" etc..) So far i have the "Your Gonna Get Rocked" and "No Relations" CDs and the "He's Your Brother" compilation CD. Anyways keep up the good work with your page. Maybe one day there will be a bigger, more positive La Toya net presence :o)

Time for the return of LaToya! Prepare for the Toylennium!
Finally I can speak to others who understand Toy. I have been watching her since before the first album "Latoya". Back then my favorites were her ballads. Songs like "My Love Has Passed You By", "I Don't Want You to Go" and "My Love Has Passed You By" were the best. Thank God she is finally rid of that husband of hers. After leaving the bad management of her father, she went on to waste nearly 10 years of her life under even worse management by her husband. What made her believe that a man his age in his position would have his finger on the pulse of a predominantly youth oriented pop music industry. Then there was Full Force, who didn't believe in her enough to let her sing (notice them behind her leads on all of the songs they produced.) Side two of that album was refreshing because Stock-Aickman-Waterman let her sing, and she did it quite well. My feeling is, if Full Force didn't trust her to sing, they shouldn't have produced the album. Despite all of these negative people, especially the critics, Latoya, like any true diva, has managed to survive, rising through the ashes like a phoenix in the sky, constantly reinventing herself and shocking us with her honesty, glamour and dramatic style. Now that she is truly free, I hope to see her pursue more acting. I loved the both the dramatic and comedic television appearances that she has done thusfar. And of course I will always love her music. I personally would like to see her reunite with whoever produced the "Latoya Jackson: No Relations" album. They did a great job with her both vocally and stylistically, creating a contemporary pop/funk vehicle for her talent. She could also write a follow up book to her tell all on the Jackson family. This one could be a tell all on her marriage to Jack. She has been through so much, and the marriage was filled with rumors of abuse, mob influence, control and manipulation, not to mention she didn't sleep with him for the first three years. It is a sure-fire best seller. Whatever she does, I hope she knows that there are fans out there who have been watching and we look forward to her latest ventures.

Rising up like a Phoenix, indeed! Think of that image while you listen to this clip from the purple album... Phoenix Rising

La Toya Jackson has a tendency to sing off key and flat. I rented a tape of her pay per view show in promotion of the 1988 album, with Johnny Winter. It was unspeakably bad, even Jermaine Jackson said so in an interview. I don't want planet you guys are from; Latoya Jackson is wretched. Even on a record that was a mild hit, such as "Hot Potatoe" she cannot stay on the note. She is a true disgrace. As far as this site is concerned. I haven't figured whether this is a big joke or not. I think it is.

One of the most beautiful women in the world. Should be viewed daily to appreciate her beauty.


If not hourly!

I think Latoya Jackson is the most underrated entertainer in the world. If more people got a chance to hear her music or see her perform live,the other Jacksons would soon be overlooked. I was fortunate enough to see her perform live at our states fair, and she had the audience wrapped around her finger. Having seen her sister Janet live as well, I can say Latoya was much more personnable and had the crowd of mostly (hillbilly white folks) on their feet dancing. I`ve been a huge fan ever since I saw her beautiful face in her brother Micheal`s say- say- say video, and have tried to find out anything about her that I could. I still don`t own all of her albums, but I buy anything with her picture on it. I guess I`m a little obsessed, but I just can`t stand that the rest of the world doesn't see what we see in Latoya=A beautiful, talented, and most genuine member of the Jackson family. BUT with no one to hold her back they will!



Hear that Madison Avenue? ANYTHING with her picture on it!
I am so glad that I found this site. You don't understand Ive been a huge La Toya Jackson fan since I was five years old, Im 23 now. I would love to help you with your site. I follow La Toya Jackson's Career since the 80's. On July 4th 1992 in Paris France I was able to see La Toya at the Moulon Rouge while she was starring in the Canadian/French play Formidable for me as a fan knowing all the critizism La Toya gets here in the states watching the crowds of fans line up outside the club waiting to go in I could hardly breath, and the standing ovation she received after the show I knew right then and there for sure she had made it and all the critizism she will every get could never take away how much of a love her fans have for her. I have a program from the show as well as the CD of the play which encludes a rendetion of the loco-motion. while in Germany the same year I came across a European single of Sexbox' there is another dance single out by La Toya called Ooops oh no... and a slower song called Why don't you want my love? I haven't heard what La toya is up to these days hopefully recording more albums.... If anyone knows whats going on with her please share the news... As La Toya's biggist fan I think the next best thing for her is to come out with a greatest hits recorde which in my opinion would enclude:

La Toya Jackson- Greatest Hits'

1. Night time lovers/ 2. Heart don't lie/ 3. Sexbox/ 4. Wicked love/ 5. Think twice/ 6. Why don't you want my love?/ 7. If you feel the funk/ 8. He's my brother/ 9. Ain't nobody loves you like I do

0. Without you/ 1. Hot Potatoe/ 2. Somewhere/ 3. Be my lover/ 4. 1000 grande/ 5. Tell me she means nothing to you at all


I could go on for days talking about La Toya Jackson. My one true wish in life is to meet her face to face and to talk with her there are so many questions I would love to ask her that have been burning up inside of me for the last eighteen years. I can't die until I see a La Toya Jackson & Rebbie Jackson Concert.

*I was hoping that someone out there had some information on a question that I have

in 1992 I heard that La Toya realesed a single in Europe and it was at number one. I never did find out what the single was called....Does anyone have any info?? HELP??

thanks alot...La Toya's greatest fan anywhere PAUL

Great letter, Paul! I think the single Sexbox hit #1 in Holland around 1992, maybe that's the one you're thinking of. I love your greatest hits album, I'd have to add "You Blew", "You're Gonna Get Rocked," and "Camp Koochiekieyea"!
It's such a terrific thing to see so many loyal fans come together to speak their minds about such a beautiful and talented (YES, talented) person as LaToya. From reading the prior mail sent, I can easily see how she captivates so many men with her charm and exotic looks. However, I'm probably one of her most loyal female fans. I have been for as long as I can remember. In my opinion, she is the most fascinating Jackson of all. I have most of her albums (My favourite is "You're Gonna Get Rocked"), and I honestly think her voice sounds just like everyone else in the music industry. She sounds good. Besides, she's not in this industry to compete with the likes of Barbara Streisand- She's here to entertain. Which means singing, dancing, and dressing in spectacular clothes. Doing whatever it takes to make her fans go "Wow!" Something Barbara just can't do. I just think the critics are being too harsh on her. I mean with Michael and Janet - can they really handle one more show-stopping Jackson? LaToya, I love you! I know someday you'll show them all. Stay beautiful and true to yourself. From your number one Fan,

Sharon letter #2:
This is Sharon replying back to you. I'm glad to know you enjoyed what I had to say- and it's true that I do appreciate her for more than her playboy layouts. In fact, I wish she had not done them because her beauty speaks for itself. It seems that the public only thinks of her in that sense instead of considering her other talents. It's such a shame; and I do hope she will come out on top someday. I'm in the music business, and I have loved LaToya since I knew of Michael Jackson back in the early eighties (pre-Playboy...). My goal is to emulate her looks and attitude whenever I do perform. It's true- she's got the looks and the dress, the attitude and the music- It's just too bad she's Michael and Janet's sister. I really think the American public is a little too harsh on her since they already have two Jacksons on the charts. Being (as far as I know) the only female with something positive to say about LaToya on the net, I give you full permission to print any of my letters (including this response, if you wish) on the web.

Forever LaToya's Fan, Sharon.
Sharon, you rule. Much success in your recording career.

Keep emulating LaToya, but stay away from Jack Gordon!!

I have been a fan of Latoya Jackson since her first solo album with "Night Time Lover". I managed to find her first two albums ("Latoya Jackson " & "My Special Love") on cd. They were available from Japan only for a short time. I haven't yet found "Heart Don't Lie" & "Imagination" on cd. But I did have them remastered & put on cd. I also have "Latoya", "Bad Girl", "Why Don't You Want My Love", "No Relations", "From Nashville To You" & "Stop In The Name Of Love". I really like her music & would like to know if I'm missing anything. Let me know.

Also, I would like to make my own LATOYA JACKSON ANTHOLOGY (for my own personal collection). Let Me know if I'm missing any vital songs.

Here's my definitive 2 CD collection:


If You Feel The Funk, My Love Has Passed You By, Night Time Lover


Stay The Night, Camp Kuchikaiai, Special Love


Think Twice, Heart Don't Lie, Betcha Gonna Need My Lovin', Private Joy, Hot Potato


He's A Pretender, On A Night Like This, Imagination, Baby Sister

from "LATOYA"

You're Gonna Get Rocked, You Blew, Such A Wicked Love, Not Giving Up On Love,

Does It Really Matter, (Ain't Nobody Loves You) Like I Do


Sexual Feeling, Bad Girl, Somewhere, Playboy, Be My Lover

from various singles

Why Don't You Want My Love, Oops, Oh No!, Don't Break My Heart


Sexbox, Wild Side, Reggae Nights, Could This Be Love We're Making,

Let's Rock The House


So In Love With You, Crazy, What You Don't Say


Stop In The Name Of Love, Baby Love, I Can't Help Myself, Tracks Of My Tears

Well that's it 41 big tracks... Let Me know what you think.

Making your own CD-R version of a LaToya Jackson Anthology is about the only way you will ever hear one. Although, it couldn't cost that much money to buy up all of LaToya's singles from all the various no-name labels she's recorded on. Say.... anyone out there in webland interested in a little business proposition?....
FINALLY!!! A web site on La Toya Jackson! I couldn't believe it. I've been a fan since the early 90's, and so far I've met VERY few people who share my I just have to say that I admire her so much for breaking away from her family. I have been in that situation myself. She is one brave girl! :o) I'm not only a fan of La Toya, I also love all her sisters & brothers. Amazing artists & humans, all of them! People always ask me how I can still like La Toya, after what she said about the allegations against Michael. I believe Michael is innocent. However, I don't judge his sister - I don't know what reasons she had for saying this or that, but I know she loves her bro. I saw Janet doing an interview on TV not too long ago, saying that she & LaToya had worked it out. I think that's wonderful. I have her book. I've read it several times. I don't know how many pages are true, and how many are Jack Gordon's lies...

All info on La Toya & her career wanted!!! :o)

I was born in 1978, and I can honestly remember visions of LaToya in my head from way back in the "We Are The World" days. Remember, that was what '84 or '85, right? So, I must have only been somewhere around 5. But even back at that young and tender age LaToya's exotic charms and beauties captivated me. And that was back in her headband days. I had never heard of her before that, I didn't even know that Michael Jackson had sisters. Out of all those other faces standing side by side on the "We Are The World" album cover, LaToya was the queen in my head. Since then, we've seen LaToya go through many transitions. Different looks, different music, different projects, a divorce. . . and through it all, I still believe in her, even though many other people don't. Some people don't like her because she's scandalous, or backstabbing, or can't sing. LET ME SET ALL OF YOU STRAIGHT! LaToya is no more or less scandalous than any of us. It's not her fault that she gets portrayed as a "media bitch". All she's doing is telling the truth, or at least her side of the story; and we all know that at least part of it has to be true. After all, at some point and time each and every one of the Jackson brothers and sisters have let a little something slip here and there about what a monster their dad is (yes, even Michael and Janet). And as far as criticisms go with everyone slamming LaToya's singing and dancing, she's no better or worse than anyone else in her family. I've seen LaToya do some dancing that's on par with her younger brother and sister. And she sings the exact same as both of them. So any one who says that LaToya can't sing is essentially saying that Michael and Janet can't either. LaToya I'll always be here for you and love you, but most of all, I WILL ALWAYS RESPECT YOU for your courage and honesty and integrity.

ALWAYS- Jeff Valdivia
Well said, Jeff. LaToya is the World.
Every one knows that she's one of the hottest on this planet, amazing songs, fantastic body, prof. dancer, and pretty young thing "M.J.'s song" so, she deserves more & more pages on this net.

LaToya, the unbelievable legend . . .


We agree! More NetToya! If you hear of anything cool, let us know!
I kinda like LaToya...i guess i felt bad for her....But I DO LOVE the song HEART DONT LIE...Can you tell me if the song (or Extended Version) is on a cd format anywhere. I have always loved that song. But it is not on any of her albums. Please let me know.


Robert, you can tell me any old thing, but your heart don't lie! This great pop jam comes from LaToya's reggae phase... around the same time she wrote "Reggae Nights" for Jimmy Cliff. (If somebody knows the story of how in the hell this happened, please let us know!!) Unfortunately, nothing before her 1988 purple, self titled album has ever came out on CD.

Hi LaToya,

you're a very beautiful lady. I dream of meeting you. Maybe one day my dream will come true. You have what it takes to make a man appreciate a beautiful woman. Are you dating now?Luv to know you


Aaah, Rman, a dream is a wish your heart makes!  
Who in their right mind would create a web site for a no-talent bitch like latoya. she humiliated her brother michael and her mother. i vote for the death penalty ...

thank you,

Miss Demeanor
Who wants to be in their "right mind"? Apparantly violent drag queens...
Hi there, I used to like LaToya before she did what she did to her BROTHER MICHAEL JACKSON ! I truly love Michael, and I know Michael still deeply loves his sister LaToya but I cannot understand why she behaved like that towards her more famous brother ! Can she be jaelous ? I do believe it's Jack - monster - Gordon fault !! Let me know if you know something because I do love Michael and I've been terribly upset and distressed by hearing LaToya's stupid accusations ! She almost destroied her brother, how can she cope with that ? Can she forgive herself ? I cannot understand how she can live in harmony and peace with her soul after having done that to her brother ! What do you think she feels inside! Is she proud of herself, I don't think so, even though It could be Jack fault !


Elena (Italy)
You gotta give it up to LaToya for "speaking her talk" and stating her unpopular opinions in the face of tremendous international pressure. We believe LaToya spoke the truth and has nothing to be ashamed about. Jack Gordon, on the other hand, has plenty to be ashamed about... pimping out LaToya's Family Secrets being one of them!
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