The Universal Love of La Toya sends our support to La Toya and the entire Jackson family as they fight for justice for Michael Jackson. La Toya or other members of her family have been in the courtroom every day of the manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray. Here is a review of La Toya's stunning yet subdued courthouse chic:

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Sept. 27, 2011: LaToya arrives for the first day of trial wearing white ruffles and a black tuxedo jacket with sequined lapel.


Sept 27: La Toya enters the courthouse holding a sunflower given to her by a fan on the sidewalk.
latoyacourtsun sunflow

Sept 28: La Toya enters the courthouse in a tasteful leopard print jacket accessorized with a gold diamond bracelet.
latoyaenters latoyaleopardjewels

Sept 28: La Toya sports her trademark aviator sunglasses, gold drop earings and a bejewelled floral broach.

Sept 28: La Toya flips her hair as she walks the courthouse catwalk!

Day 2: LaToya leaving the courthouse, visually shaken.
Stay strong, La Toya, your Toy Soldiers stand behind you!

Sept 29: La Toya enters the courthouse carrying a red leather Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernice Brea handbag,wearing a white silk blouse, black scarf, belted black skirt, and knee-high high-heeled boots.
latoyacourt929 latoyaWALK1redbagTEMP

Sept. 29: La Toya leaving court after the third day of listening to testimony.

Sept. 30: In black gloveless sleeves paired with a bright red Louis Vuitton Brea handbag,ToyToy makes a bold statement.

Week 2

October 3, 2011:

La Toya has not been attending the trial in order to prepare for her appearance at the "Michael Forever Tribute" in Cardiff, Wales on Saturday October 8th. This will be La Toya's first official concert performance in 20 years.
"I am looking forward to putting on a great show and making my brother proud.'"- La Toya Jackson

A special shout-out to cardiologist Dr. Thao Nguyen who testified today. Her zippered, collarless jacket with exaggerated shoulder pads is VERY Jackson!

Week 3

October 11, 2011: La Toya has not been attending trial this week, she caught a cold in the UK after her stunning performance at the #M4Tribute.


Week 4

October 19, 2011: After several days of postponement, the trial resumed. In attendance this week have been Katherine, Joe, Rebbie and Randy Jackson. La Toya is still sick at home with a cold/flu and has been unable to attend.

In a message to fans @latoyajackson tweeted:
Thanks to Mother & Joseph for calling everyday after court to see if I'm better! Nothing like TLC
However, I have been watching @CNN @HLNTV for your live stream I've been watching and reading everything online re: #Murraytrial in bed!
I can't say enough about Dr. Schrader's testimony he's incredibly precise #Murraytrial @Michaeljackson @CNN @HLNTV What Do You Think!!!
Again. Thank you @CNN @HLNTV for your live stream I've been watching!

We say: #GetWellLaToya!

Week 5

October 25, 2011: La Toya, drenched in black fur, returned to court today, along with siblings Janet and Marlon and her mother Katherine.

Week 6

October 31, 2011: La Toya attended court in an orange and black ensemble on Halloween.
ToyToy tweeted this photo of herself on lunch break with Kathy Hilton and her father Joe:

November 1, 2011: While making her way to the courthouse, La Toya called out for Dr. Murray to testify on Twitter. Arriving at the courthouse in an all-black outfit and designer purse, Jane Valez-Mitchell of HLN asked La Toya if Dr. Murray should testify and she responded: "Yes! Yes!"
"Yes!" cnntaghag

November 3, 2011: For the start of closing arguements, La Toya wore a collarless white jacket with tails, adorned with a glittering diamond brooch.

(Yes, we've been reduced to taking pictures of the t.v. screen!)

November 7, 2011: Dr. Conrad Murray was found GUILTY of the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson!
La Toya wore black with gold accessoires and a green band-aid over one of her fingers. She arrived at the Los Angeles County Courthouse with her pals Kathy and Rick Hilton.

(source: Yahoo! News)

Driving to the courthouse, LaToya tweeted that she was "shaking uncontrollably." As the guilty verdict was announced, LaToya allegedly screamed out!
(The judge had warned the court that any outbursts could land them five years in jail!!!)

LaToya later tweeted her feelings: "Victory! Michael I love you and I will continue to fight until ALL are brought to justice! Thank you EVERYONE for your love and support! It will ALWAYS be appreciated!"



(Yahoo! News)

November 29, 2011: La Toya arrived at the courthouse with her manager Jeffre Phillips and lifelong friend Kathy Hilton for the sentencing hearing of Dr. Conrad Murray. La Toya wore a black suit, white ruffled blouse, and diamond-dazzled suspenders. Dr. Murray was given the harshest sentence possible: four years in Los Angeles county jail for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson (he will likely serve only two). He was denied bail and ordered to pay restitution to Michael Jackson's family. Leaving the courthouse, La Toya told E! news: "Justice was served. Now we just have to deal with the jail overcrowding.

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The Universal Love of LaToya looks back at La Toya's outfits from previous court appearances!

January 4, 2011: La Toya arrives at the preliminary hearing for the Dr. Conrad Murray trial wearing a white suit, fur cuffs, and a shimmering black scarf.


Jan. 5, 2011: La Toya wears burgandy silk pants, a gold belt, and plaid jacket to the second day of preliminary hearings.


January 10, 2011: La Toya wears a red fur collar and carries a matching Louis Vuitton Brea handbag.

Jan. 11, 2011: La Toya sports an orange blouse and body-hugging short black skirt as she arrives at the Los Angeles courthouse for another pre-trial hearing.

Feb. 8, 2011: La Toya arrives at Dr. Murray's arraignment wearing a black dress and pink bolero jacket.

August 16, 2004: Michael Jackson's pre-trial hearing at the Santa Maria courthouse. It was La Toya's idea for the entire Jackson Family to wear white to show Michael's innocence.


Here are La Toya and Janet Jackson going through metal detectors in full jewelry.

March 5, 2005:

June 3, 2005:

June 13, 2005:


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