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Alright, we're gonna have a whole lotta fun tonight! A lot of action. She just wants you to relax... sit back... if you feel like clappin', do that... if you feel like stompin' your feet, you can do that too... and if you wanna dance, you can even do that... you got it... She's yours!


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"Sexual Liar (La Toya vs. The Freemasons)"
by DJ Silent Collaborator")

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The exclusive LaToyaLove MASH UP !!
La Toya "Sexual Feeling (Sex Vocal) vs Beyonce/Shakira "Beautiful Liar (Freemasons Remix)"

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Spotlight Album:

FORMIDABLE * LaToya LIVE at The Moulin Rouge

LaToya Sings in French!!

The Universal Love of LaToya is proud to present the heretofore undisovered soundtrack to LaToya's 1992 Moulin Rouge Spectaclar: Formidable! LaToya only lasted four months of her year-long contract and was later sued by the Moulin Rouge, but come on, she had to do five shows a week singing entirely in French! Have a listen to these showstopping numbers:

Formidable! 155k Can you say "terrific" in French? You can now!

A Paris, Les Femmes Ressemblent a des Fleurs 1:35

dancing toya

dancing toya 2


LaToya: LaToya Jackson

LaToya's Introduction 41k

You're Gonna Get Rocked 270k

You Blew 135k Featured on the LaToya Lyrics page!

Not Giving Up On Love 212k

('Aint Nobody Loves You) Like I Do 68k

"Latoya's seminal 1990 album (affectionately known as the "Purple Album" in audiophile circles) is a complex blend of scintillating intrigue and throbbing funk grooves. From the ambigious album and song titles (which mysteriously vacillate from album spine to record label) to the hypnotic cover art of Ms. Jackson's surgically enhanced face seemingly pressed against a sheet of glass, "LaToya" (or "You're Gonna Get Rocked") unquestionably offers the deepest glimpse into the psychologically intense, multi-faceted talents and allure of Ms. Jackson. This depth and dichotomy is most readily apparent in the track in "(Tell Me) She Means Nothing To You At All") produced by 80's hitmakers Stock, Aitken, Waterman, whose golden touch nonetheless turned to lead when confronted by LaToya's spirtually intoxicating presence..."


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Other Gems...

Sexbox 27k

The Euro-Disco Mini Hit!

Sexual Feeling 117k

LaToya at her sex-housiest!

Don't Break My Heart222k

LaToya's LaTest release!

Playboy (Be My) 99k

Won't you be her PlayToy too?

Bad Girl 41k

Such a Bad Girl!

He's My Brother 77k

LaToya has siblings?

Featured on: LaToya Lyrics page!

Restless Heart 50k

Be her shining star!


A ballad... Toya tests her chops!

NEW!!! This month's special feature on: LaToya Lyrics page!

There! You just got rocked!

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