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SPOILER: La Toya Eliminated!!
21 JAN 2009: La Toya voted out of the house!
We demand a re-count!

Devil May Dare Attitude
La Toya window-licks mystery substance!

La Toya Bucks the Trend
: The Sun
Ride Em' Cowtoy!

Janet Arrives in London
: Daily Mail
Supporting her big sis!

Officer Jackson in Action
La Toya Knees Coolio in the Balls

Drunk Mini Me Hits on our La Toya

Verne likes her (HICCUP) smile!
Hey, La Toya says she's single!

Failed Tasks Explode Housemate Rifts

Ulrika asks La Toya to stop eating smoked salmon and eat tuna!

La Toya: Odds on Favorite
Online Oddsmakers Favor La Toya as Top Female Housemate!

Mutya and LaToya's Nimble feet.
La Toya dressed as a Toy Soldier... rejoice!

Coolio Fancies La Toya
Probably the reason why he put all the other women up for eviction!

Toy Toy Safe Again!
La Toya is the only female castmate not up for the 2nd elimination!

La Toya Allergic to Chocolate

If she eats it, grave misfortune!

Housemates Gets Roasted
Welsh Hatted ToyToy to Kilted Coolio:
Could you please not fart we're about to eat!
"Do you guys have a hunchback of Notre Dame here???"

Big Brother Shocker!
LaToya Gobsmacked as Her Ice Dancing Fails to Pass The Task

Photo Gallery: Salt N Pepper On Ice

Is La Toya the Real McCoy?: The Sun

La Toya Learns How to Work an Oven
Needs help turning on the hob!

Coolio gives La Toya a Handie:
La Toya says she's single!

La Toya and Tommy on Ice
ToyToy in training for future celebreality competition shows.

Jacko Look-a-Like Visits House
La Toya missed it. Thankfully.
Are they the same person, too?

Episode Review: The Mirror
The phrase "Comedy Genius" is used to describe La Toya! At last!
" Aah, La Toya and those joke peanuts. Watching her.... crack gags... was comedy genius!"

La Toya Almighty
Does La Toya ask herself if she believes in God? Absolutely!

Punters Lump on La Toya to Win Big Brother: The Mirror Sport
Not even sure what that headline means! Hope it's good news for ToyToy...

CBB:Day 5
ToyToy Safe!

La Toya's Forced Wedding Hell: The Sun
La Toya's hellish marriage to Jack Gordon is rehashed.

Funny Lady
La Toya Becomes a Court Jester!

Top 10 Facts You Need To Know About La Toya
: The Mirror
Someone's been watching ToyTube™! Nice recap but nothing true Toy Soldiers didn't know already!

LaToya's Album Sales Skyrocket After Challenge
What's 89 Percent more than zero?

Online Gambling News: La Toya Jackson Favourite to Walk Out First
Online Oddsmakers pick La Toya as celeb most likely to quit the house. They don't know her strength! And threshold for pain and humilation!

Spotless LaToya! Photo Gallery
LaToya does housework!

LaToya: Jackson Five to Reunite
Day Three Recap
channel 4 promo photo
LaToya is Too Clever for Lucy Pinder

Is La Toya smarter than she lets on?

LaToya Opens Up
LaToya dishes about her housemates on Day 3

Ulrika Jonsson faces the chop from Celebrity Big Brother after being nominated for having too big an ego: Daily Mail
Phew! La Toya not on chopping block... yet!

La Toya's Diva Demands : The Mirror
La Toya gets the only solo room! So what? She deserves it!

La Toya: I Was Abused: The Sun

La Toya Jackson Said 'NO' to Jungle!: The Sun
La Toya picks CBB over I'm a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here!
Bushwacker challenges to blame!

Celebrity Big Brother Line-up Revealed: The Sun

Big Brother Kick Off Blog: The Guardian


Tubridy Interview parts one and two

La Toya's Best Bits
A collection of her best moments on the show.

La Toya with Richard and Judy!

First La Toya Post-BB Interview on Loose Women! Then Richard and Judy!
In the works... her own reality show and a book!

Shocker: La Toya Evicted!

Urban CowToy

La Toya rides a mechanical bull!

La Toya's Psychic Predicion: Verne Will Win Show

La Toya's Chili Moment
Spicy! But it doesn't hurt!

La Toya To Win!
Brilliant YouTube Campaign Video!

Housemates Perform Their Original Song
TOY M.C. in a Pink Wig is Priceless!
Don't Kick Her Out Now! Kick Her Out Now!

La Toya Wraps a Bicycle
That's Entertainment!

Drunk Verne Hits on La Toya
Booze + Big Brother = Ratings

La Toya and Verne Talk

There's a divide in the house as the shopping arrives.

La Toya Dishes to Big Brother
About Michelle Heaton's Romance with Ben Adams.

Intelligent Signs of Toy Toy
La Toya's Thoughts On E.T.'s

Dance of the Toy Toya
La Toya and Mutya's Piano Dance. Note perfect!

La Toya Say Relax
Words of peace from La Toya

La Toya Gets Twisted Trying to Speak the Queen's English
Mother pheasant plucker shocker!

Ulrika and Coolio Talk Behind La Toya's Back

La Toya and Tony as Salt and Pepper
On Ice!

LaToya Talks About Leaving The Jehovah's Witnesses
Michael's "Disconnect"! What did Marlon Brando think?

La Toya and Tony's Ice Dance Rehearsal
La Toya feels dirty!

La Toya's CBB Video Profile
Hi. I'm La Toya Jackson.
The giggle at the end is priceless!

VIDEO: La Toya Clowns it Up
That's my man! We like that don't we?!

LaToya Sings LIVE!
La Toya gives a sizzling rendition of "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'"!
The song Michael wrote about HER!
(Well, about how the Jackson Brothers' wives were picking on her!)
La Toya even knows many of the lyrics!
Not voted least talented! Put your hands together!

Impress Me
The housemates impersonate each other.

What's La Toya's "Showbiz Age"?
La Toya and Coolio talk about their real ages

LaToya doesn't know her own song!

She only sang it once in a recording studio!

Mutya and LaToya Snoop Around the House

LaToya Enters the House
Many cheers, but she also got booed!
(full clips on YouTube here and here)

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