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May 21, 2021 La Toya was revealed as "Menina" on the Spanish version of the "The Masked Singer: Adivina Quien Canta." Dressed as a character from 1656 Spanish painting "Las Meninas", ToyToy performed Katy Perry's "Never Really Over" before becoming the first celebrity eliminated from the series.


La Toya Unmasked: Spanish Version 2021 - - - - - - - - - American Version 2019

Feb 13, 2019: The identity of the Alien on the NBC reality breakthrough hit "The Masked Singer" was revealed to be La Toya Jackson. Of course, ToySoldiers knew from ToyToy's first note of "Feel It Still" in week one that it was the inimitable songstress, even if judge Robin Thicke was getting "Bella Hadid vibes". Toy's peformances of "Love Fool" and "Ex's and Oh's" were the standout highlights of the much talked about series.


Aug 19, 2018: La Toya appeared as Cleopatra in Sharknado 6

Less than five seconds but quoting You’re Gonna Get Rocked?! A ToySoldier has infiltrated the @Syfy channel!

— Bruce McCoy (@McBrewster) August 22, 2018

May 21: 2018: La Toya Jackson WINS the Food Network's "Worst Cooks: Celebrity Edition" Season 13!
Best of the Worst

Jan 15, 2017: Today we celebrate ten years since the launch of! On this date in 2007 we moved The Universal Love of La Toya from our old AOL-hosted site, which we started in 1996! Still the same stunning low-tech design and endless purple scroll!

Jan 2017: La Toya continues to be very active on Twitter and Instagram, chronicling her busy and glamorous life. She loves watching reality shows like Dancing With The Stars and Celebrity Apprentice, dining out in Beverly Hills, and commenting on celebrity news events. Do you follow her?

Sept. 19, 2016: La Toya stunned the red carpet of the Brent Shapiro Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Prevention Summer Spectacular as she peacocked in a white pantsuit and train. Nobody can touch the glamour of ToyToy!

March 3, 2016: La Toya released a duet with Persian superstar Andy Madadian called "Tehran", where LaToya sings in Farsi!


Sep. 21, 2015: New remixes of "Trouble", a long lost La Toya Jackson track, were released by Vibe On Records. La Toya sang a demo of the song that was eventually released by Nia Peeples and became a #1 dance hit in 1988. This CD includes remixes by Jared Jones, Matt Pop, and Dr. Brooks, as well as a megamix of LaToya's "You're Gonna Get Rocked" album.

June 1, 2015: VibeOnRecords re-released La Toya's 1990 "Bad Girl" as a two-disc set loaded with TWENTY bonus tracks! Among the extras are all of the released remixes of "Bad Girl" and "Sexual Feeling", the one-off single "Why Don't You Want My Love?", as well as unreleased versions of such classics as "Playboy", "You and Me", and her ode to Michael: "He's My Brother".


Feb 27, 2015: La Toya revealed to TMZ that she is and Jeffre are no longer engaged. He is presumably still her manager and clearly they are still close friends.

July 21, 2014: La Toya released her first solo single in five years, an uptempo club banger entitled "Feels Like Love". The recording of the song and music video was documented on season two of her OWN reality show "Life With La Toya".

June 7, 2014: La Toya's reality show "Life With La Toya" returned to OWN for season two with even more drama and fabulousness! La Toya got engaged to her manager Jeffre in Hawaii, La Toya performed in an off-Broadway musical, La Toya got therapy for the first time, La Toya recorded a new album, and Toy had a melt down after a technical snafu at her Rasputin performance. In the finale La Toya seemed to call off or postpone her engagement. Will there be a season three for this Must See ToyVee?

born naked deluxe CD rupaul

May 5, 2014: La Toya's duet with RuPaul, "Feel Like Dancing" was finally released on RuPaul's "Born Naked: Deluxe Edition" along with three fantastic remixes. (Available on iTunes)
In an interview with Idolator RuPaul spoke of how the song came about and his long-held appreciation of La Toya:

"I have been friends with Toy for about 20 years. We’ve always wanted to do something together but it just never worked out. Finally it happened and it’s not a moment too soon!

We wanted to do something fun — something that two girlfriends, when they’re about to go out dancing, would sing about. We wanted to capture that feeling of going out with your best girlfriend.

She’s always been the underdog of such a huge entertainment dynasty and I’ve always gravitated toward the underdog. Also the fact that she’s a sweetheart. She’s not a bitter person, plus she’s so beautiful. I’ve always gravitated toward that."


Dec 14, 2013: La Toya debuted her new single "Feels Like Love" in a live performance at Rasputin Nightclub in West Hollywood.

Dec 6, 2013: RadarOnline reported that LaToya married her longtime business parter and close friend Jeffre Phillips. However three days later La Toya issued a denial to Entertainment Tonight. Clips from the upcoming season of her OWN reality show Life With LaToya show Jeffre proposing to La Toya and her apparently accepting, so it seems as if a marriage is in the works but perhaps RadarOnline jumped the gun. It would be LaToya's second marriage to a manager, her first was from 1989-1996 to her then-manager Jack Gordon.

Dec 2, 2013: Cherry Pop records re-released La Toya's groundbreaking "You're Gonna Get Rocked" album on CD. Not only does it include Toy's iconic hits "Such A Wicked Love", "You Blew", and "Just Say No", this special edition is loaded with never-before-heard outakes, remixes and demo versions. Highlights of the 2-CD set include La Toya's demo of the Nia Peeples hit "Trouble", a previously unheard remix of the Stock/Aitken/Waterman track "Tell Me (She Means Nothing To You At All)", and extended 12" versions of nearly every track. The packaging includes extensive new liner notes written by Mike from Church of La Toya, many additional photos, and personal input from La Toya herself!


Nov 23, 2013: The OWN Network aired a Life With La Toya Holiday Special: "A Jolly Jackson Christmas"! It featured La Toya, Jeffre, Brenda Richie, and of course Prince the Pom. The special was mainly a re-cap episode of season one, but we learned that La Toya is "allergic" to chocolate and macaroni & cheese. She went on to explain that to her, "allergic" means you don't like something. A tease of upcoming episodes revealed the shocking bombshell that Jeffre has asked La Toya to marry him! Season Two looks to be Toymazing!

July 13, 2013: To show support for all of her LGBToySoldiers, La Toya served as Grand Marshal of the San Diego LGBT Pride Parade.

"When I released my first song, I was delighted to learn that 90 percent of my base was comprised of gay men. It's an honor to be among the ranks of artists like Cher and Diana (Ross) who can say their fan base is the gay community." - LaToya in LGBTweekly

June 10, 2013: Based on the smash ratings of Life With La Toya the Oprah Winfrey Network has ordered additional episodes of ToyToy's reality show, which are slated to being airing in early 2014.

May 6, 2013: La Toya appeared on the season five finale of RuPaul's Drag Race so RuPaul could explain why he always introduced contestant Ivy Winters as "Ivyyyyy Winterrrrrrs". Ru explained that it came from the way La Toya introduced musician Edgar Winters in her legendary1989 Sizzling Spectacular Pay-Per-View concert!

Toy with RuPaul's Drag Race finalists Jinkx Monsoon, Roxxxy Andrews and Alaska.

Ru and ToyToy also announced that the name of their new duet is "Feel Like Dancing" and played a short clip! It was, as drag queens say, SICKENING!

life with latoya logo

April 13, 2013: La Toya Jackson's reality show Life With La Toya debuted on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network and smashed ratings records on the network.
la la la life with latoya jackson
The series has focused on La Toya's hunt for a new home, dating for the first time, her friendship with Kathy Hilton, shopping for candy, and even disguising herself and visiting a psychic to try and talk to Michael!

April 11th & 12th, 2013: La Toya appeared on "Good Morning America", "Katie" and "Entertainment Tonight" to promote the premiere of her OWNtv Reality Show "Life With LaToya".

On GMA she explained why she's doing a reality show:
"People think they know you and they have this misconception, or they'll make up stories about you and everybody starts believing these things. And I'd just had enough of it. And I said you know what? If you wanna talk, if you want to know about me let me show you who I am... just come follow me on 'Life With La Toya'."

Although her father Joe Jackson and mother Katherine will be seen on the show, La Toya said Michael's children are "not a part of the show at all". She described "Life With La Toya" as an "uplifting, jovial show. It's me! It's who I am!"

March 19, 2013: La Toya made the talk show rounds to discuss her firing from Celebrity Apprentice in appearances on The Jimmy Fallon Show, The Today Show, and The Wendy Williams Show.


On the Today Show, La Toya said that she "absolutely" regretted "very much so" not bringing Omarosa to the board room with her, which would have made Omarosa eligible to be fired.
"If I had to do it again, of course, I would definitely bring her back to the board room."
She went on to explain that "I truly believed that (Donald Trump) fell for (Omarosa's) crocodile tears" and that she believed that Trump and the producers would not have eliminated Omarosa because they needed "this villian" for the show.

Wendy Williams asked La Toya what she thinks of Omarosa and La Toya replied: "I don't."

March 17, 2013: La Toya was fired from "Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars" (full episode) after she made the baffling decision to not bring Omarosa with her to the boardroom. La Toya had been team leader for a soap opera-themed task, during which she fought constantly against the abrasive Omarosa, whom La Toya called "the most evil person" she has ever met, "no good, conniving, scheming, cut-throat" and a "witch" and that Omarosa "probably pulled the cord on (her deceased boyfriend) Michael Clarke Duncan". That last comment prompted Omarosa to issue a statement from her lawyers that she is going to sue La Toya for these "false, vicious, and defamatory" comments.

March 4, 2013: La Toya returned to RuPaul's Drag Race to judge a "We Are The World" themed challenge along with the Pointer Sisters.
Watch the full episode at LOGOtv

Will RuPaul be making an appearance on La Toya's OWN reality show?

photo: WoW

The CelebriTOY Apprentice: All Stars!


March 3, 2013: Premiere date for Celebrity Apprentice All Stars on NBC. #TeamLaToya all the way!

January 2013: La Toya's dog Prince the Pomeranian is now on Twitter! Follow him here.
(And follow us at LaToyaLove, of course!)

Oct 12, 2012: Donald Trump appeared on the Today Show to announce the cast of the 13th season of his NBC reality show. The entire cast of returning celebtestants were there, except for Omarosa and La Toya. The series begins shooting next week and beings airing next March. No word yet on how this influences filming on Toy's OWN reality show.

Oct 11, 2012: La Toya, Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson appeared at an event launch for Mr. Pink energy drink in Beverly Hills, also attended by such luminaries as Lindsay Lohan, Adrina Patridge, Anna Kendrick, and Wayne Gretzky.
Everyone loves a party! Well, maybe not Blanket!


Aug 31, 2012: La Toya and her niece Paris and nephews Blanket and Prince threw out the first pitch at a Railcats baseball game in Gary, Indiana.
latoya jackson pitching

Aug 1, 2012: Oprah Winfrey's network OWN announced that it had ordered a new reality docuseries starring La Toya, entitled "Life With La Toya" set to premiere in 2013!

March 19, 2012: La Toya returns to the roundtable on the CBS daytime chat fest "The Talk."

March 13, 2012: La Toya returned to acting in a role on the night time soap opera 90210 on the CW. In a part she was born to play, La Toya portrayed Marilyn Cooper*, a record executive with a keen eye for the music industry and a very business-like attitude. Watch her Toymazing performance here.
La Toya posted this twitpic from the makeup chair and this one from the set.
90210 latoya

*90210 writers, you couldn't come up with a more fabulous name for La Toya's character than Marilyn Cooper?!?

March 6, 2012: A day that shall go down in HERstory, La Toya Jackson is now following us on Twitter!! Are you following @LaToyaLove?

March 5, 2012: La Toya co-hosted the CBS daytime show "The Talk", brilliantly we may add. (Give Toy her own show, Hollywood!) La Toya joined the panelists to offer her opinion on a variety of hot topics including how she believes that it's not Michael Jackson's voice on his posthumous album, and that she "can't believe" that actor Kirk Cameron said horrible things about gay relationships:
"I just can't believe that he actually said that. Especially in the world that we're living in today. It's amazing to me because I think that there's so much hatred in the world today. That when you find people that truly love each other we should respect that and we should honor that."

"We grew up Jehovah Witness as everyone know and that (homosexuality) is kind of forbidden of course. I however, on the other hand, when I decided to venture off and leave the religion in my late twenties my frame of mind became very different. I looked at things differently, I saw things differently and it was a new world for me."

On how such hatred leads to gay bullying which leads to gay teen suicides:
"For someone this young to just feel this way, it's sending a bad message and the wrong message to children and I think we live in a society today that we need to get along as much as possible."

On Bobbi Christina's interview with Oprah so soon after the passing of her mother Whitney Houston:
"I know when my brother passed that people were very interested in what happened, what took place, what were our thoughts, what were we thinking and I think that they're waiting for an answer, they're waiting for some kind of information, and if you don't give it to them right away people will start making up rumors and saying all sorts of things so it's better to nip it in the bud right away and do the interview and get it over with."

"Oprah was very smart for trying to secure that first, of course we know that's big ratings and that's what this business is about."

La Toya's most newsworthy revelation was that Whitney Houston had a secret relationship with her brother Jermaine Jackson back in the day. "I'm not sure how married he was at the time" Toy coyly pointed out. View the entire episode here.

ToyTalk! Literally!

March 5, 2012: La Toya's albums "Heart Don't Lie" and "Imagination" were re-issued on CD by FunkyTownGrooves records, featuring several extended versions and remixes. It comes with a booklet featuring archive photos and liner notes by Matt at The Church of La Toya. Order a copy here:

Feb. 2012: Our La Toya Jackson video page ToyTube was completely updated and redesigned!

Jan 1, 2012: Happy New Year!!!
A toytastic #TwenTOY12 to Toy Soldiers everywhere!

Nov. 27, 2011: La Toya Jackson's Christmas Wish!

La Toya and Jeffre rode in class through the 80th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade! The Universal Love of La Toya is proud to bring you these exclusive photos and video in which ToyToy reveals her Christmas Wish for 2011!

"I want everyone to have the best life ever! To live their life to the fullest and just enjoy it! Please, that's very, very important. Merry Christmas everybody! I wanna spend more time with my family, and of course most of all, I want to give more to charity and people in need, I think that's very important. Merry Christmas to everybody! Happy Holidays to all of you!"
-The Beautiful, Always Beautiful Miss La Toya Jackson!

The parade will be broadcast starting December 12th on The Hallmark Channel!



Oct. 31, 2011: La Toya and Kathy Hilton hit the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival! La Toya moved amongst the 100,000+ crowd, 1-in-20 of which were dressed as Michael, unrecognizable in her toytastic kitty-clown(?) costume!

Cat in the Hat?

source: LaToya's twitter account

Oct. 14, 2011: La Toya appeared as a guest judge on "America's Next Top Model." She first mentored the contestants in a Michael Jackson photo challenge, and then during elimination Tyra turned to La Toya and asked who should go home?
La Toya: "Tyra, you're making me the bad guy! I have to tell you that my brother was about love, expression, about giving. What I saw in the photo shoot is that you girls all gave, you gave your love, you gave your expression. So because of that, I'm not sending anyone home. You're all safe."
The entire episode will be available for viewing on the CW's website.

Oct. 8, 2011: "Thanks for sharing this special day with my brother!" proclaimed La Toya before performing Michael Jackson's hits In the Closet, They Don't Care About Us and Jam to a thrilled audience at the Michael Forever Tribute in Cardiff, Wales. Heavy D. joined La Toya for his rap interlude on Jam. The concert will be available for viewing in the future on Facebook, as well as on SkyArts on October 15th in the UK. (First footage! here and here)
m4tributetribFACE happyTRibutemjforever
It ain't Toy much for her to JAM!

Sept. 27, 2011 La Toya and other members of the Jackson Family began attending the criminal trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, who was found GUILTY of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.
La Toya has been tweeting updates from inside the courtroom, such as:

"This is all a BIG CONSPIRACY and the doctor knows exactly what happened!"
"Seeing his lifeless body laying there on the gurney is heart wrenching."
"Another day of sadness."
"It's so excruciating to relive the moments when Mike passed. It's even hard to pretend to be strong for my mother."
And ultimately... "VICTORY!"

La Toya's forthright tweets have become part of the media frenzy around the trial.(cnn) (stv) (etc.) (etc.)
Follow La Toya's twitter feed here.

(Follow us @latoyalove while you're at it!)

Our look at The Courthouse Fashions of La Toya Jackson

Sept. 23, 2011: According to this Daily Mail interview with Katherine Jackson, La Toya has been making a documentary for the past two years. It is speculated that in it La Toya will reveal who she thinks killed Michael Jackson.

Sept. 3 2011: La Toya PERFORMED for the first time in many years on the Mexican pop music competition show "La Academia" on TV Azteca!
Toy was "doin' it-doin' it-doin' it" to her latest single "Starting Over".

(Watch on ToyTube or directly on youtube here)

July 25, 2011: La Toya joined mother Katherine, and siblings Tito, Jackie and Marlon to announce the "Michael Forever Tribute" to be held in Cardiff, Wales on October 8th. The controversial concert is set to include performances by Black Eyed Peas, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, Cee Lo, Ne-Yo, Smokey Robinson, and many others. La Toya and Katherine are scheduled to attend The offical website for the event is
La Toya is scheduled to perform! Her first "full live performance" in 20 years!!
"I have put musical performance behind me for roughly two decades, but there will never be another magical moment such as this to celebrate Michael with his fans to perpetuate the importance of his legacy. I am honoured to share the stage with the incredible performers in this line up and am certain that nothing would make my brother smile bigger or brighter than this tribute concert. In speaking with my mother yesterday, I asked her where she thinks Michael would rather have us be, in this courtroom filled with negativity and lies or on a stage celebrating his music, his legacy and his life and she said without a second of thought, 'Celebrating his Life with family and fans. I am looking forward to putting on a great show and making my brother proud.'"- La Toya Jackson press release statement
The show will now available via pay-per-view on Facebook!

UPDATE: No it won't! Facebook pay-per-view cancelled!

Be sure to LIKE LaToya's official Facebook Account!

July 17, 2011: "Starting Over" is a Sizzling Spectacular!!
La Toya's second New York Times Bestseller!(#35)

June/July 2011 : La Toya went on a media blitz to promote her new memoir "Starting Over". She appeared on The View, The Today Show, Piers Morgan Tonight, MSNBC Live, VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live, Good Day NY, Access Hollywood, Showbiz Deluxe, BETTER TV, and everywhere else!

StartingOverBookLaunchlatoyabook2LaToya Jackson book

June 21, 2011: Two years after Michael's death La Toya released a new memoir that focuses on her relationship with her brother: Starting Over! She simultaneously is releasing a "soundtrack to the book" featuring songs that correspond with specific chapters, which consists of tracks from La Toya's never-officially-released "Startin' Over" CD from 2004 plus a re-working of her Star Ice jingle appropriately called: "Starting Over". Pick up a copy of each today!
(an album of completely new music is allegedly coming out in the fall.)

May 18: La Toya appeared on BET's "The Mo'Nique Show" and spoke her talk about holding her own on Celebrity Apprentice, overcoming her shyness, and her new life as an entertainment entrepreneur. She plugged her upcoming business venture: The La Toya Luxurious Collection which includes perfume, clothes, purses, and cosmetics including La Toya's Dream Cream lotion that contains "peptides, diamond dust and 250 Swarovski crystals"! La Toya also advocated everyone taking two weeks where they eliminate all meat from their diet to improve their health. You can watch the entire episode here!

May 8: Shocker! For the first time in Celebrity Apprentice history, a player was invited back into the competition! La Toya convinced The Donald that she deserved another shot, and she returned as part of the men's team only to be swiftly re-eliminated. Upon exiting, the always upbeat La Toya had this to say:
"My experience of being on Celebrity Apprentice was probably one of the best experience I could have experienced!"

#TeamLaToya forever!

April 24: The morning after being fired by Donald Trump on "Celebrity Apprentice",
La Toya appeared on The Today Show:

La Toya on what happened in the boardroom:
"What happened is what should not have happened. That's what happened. Absolutely."
"Star was the project manager, and I felt that the responsibility- she didn't live up to it, whatsoever."
"The choice of course, is Donald's."

On NeNe Leakes and Star Jones' nastiness:
"It's really sad when people take it to a totally different level. We're doing this for charity and I think we should always keep that in mind. But there are some that will just cut your throat to get ahead!"

La Toya on Donald Trump's possible presidential run:
"It's very courageous. I commend him for that. Simply because we're living here in America, of course, and it's the land of opportunity, do whatever you like, whatever you please. If you feel that you can accomplish that then by all means do."

 April 19: RuPaul's Drag Race paid tribute to two-time guest judge La Toya Jackson and her giggle, which Ru described as both "magical and infectious"!
The "ToyToy Titter"!
Watch the full episode here, ToyToy Titter tribute at the 31:45 mark

April 11: La Toya returned to RuPaul's Drag Race to judge the final four remaining drag queens in a coin-tastic performance of "Just Wanna Dance (Vibelicious Remix)"!
The emotional Lipsync For You Life brought La Toya to tears.

(RuPaul's twitpic!)

Watch the episode here:

The CelebriTOY Apprentice!

April 24: After Team ASAP ganged up against La Toya in the board room, egomanical troll Donald Trump uttered these fateful words:
"La Toya, you're fired!"

April 11: La Toya was project manager for Team ASAP on "Celebrity Apprentice" and won $65,000 for her charity: APLA! La Toya was able to showcase her strong business acumen by creating a lifesize promotional diorama for an Australian suntan lotion. Her last-minute decision to incorporate winter sports proved her quick-thinking versatility and executive savvy. The victory was in spite of the other members of her team trying to sabotage her! NeNe's negativity towards La Toya in the lounge afterwards was classless and uncalled for. La Toya gracefully avoided the ugliness by raising her glass and gliding out of the room.
drinking champagne!
"I'm drinking champagne!!"

"Mean" Star Jones and her "mouthpiece" Nene Leakes better come correct or we'll put them in check! #TeamLaToya

March 4th, 2011: La Toya is scheduled to appear on both "The Today Show" and "Live! with Regis and Kelly" to promote her participation in "The Celebrity Apprentice". #TeamLaToya!

March 3rd 2011: Well how's Toy, doin? Find out when she appears on the The Wendy Williams Show. It's Toy on Joy (The Joy Behar Show) the same day!

February 7th, 2011: La Toya made her first of two appearances as a guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race judging a drag queen workout challenge! ToyToy has a lot of experience with fitness videos, having done her own "Step Up With La Toya" in 1993!
However, on the show La Toya revealed that she has never worked out! She went on to say that "her sister" has to work out "all the time" now because she started!
(Which sister could she be talking about?)
She also thought contestant Stacy Layne Matthews looked like she could be a long lost Jackson family member!
(Someone call Oprah!)

Purchase this "Totally Leotarded" episode on or watch here:

As promotion for this appearance on RuPaul's Drag Race, La Toya gave a personal shoutout to the website dListed, originators of the term "Detective La Toya". It's the first time La Toya has ever referred to herself as "Detective La Toya Jackson"!
Watch it right here!

January 2011: La Toya appeared on Access Hollywood to promote her involvement in Donald Trump's "The Celebrity Apprentice" which airs on NBC in March. Click here to watch La Toya size up her competition. #TeamLaToya!

Jan. 4, 2011: La Toya and other members of The Jackson Family began attenting the preliminary hearing for Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor accused of propofoling La Toya's brother Michael to death.
(tmz) (day 2 TMZ)
The Toy Soldiers are behind you 100%, ToyToy!

Happy New Year!!!
A toytastic #TwenTOY11 to Toy Soldiers everywhere!

November 27, 2010: La Toya was an invited guest at the International Horse Show in Seville, Spain. Fabulous photos and brilliant blog recaps at dlisted and poptrashaddicts!

Oct. 12, 2010: Entertainment Weekly is reporting that La Toya will join the cast of Celebrity Apprentice! She will be facing off against such other luminaries as Star Jones, Lisa Rinna, Mark McGrath, Gary Busey, Meat Loaf, Jose Conseco, and Dionne Warwick. The series begins filming next week.
Good luck, ToyToy!

UPDATE: Filming has begun! Spoiler Pix of La Toya competing in challenges here and here. ( DailyMail)


Sept. 2010: Official La Toya Twitter!

For those of you that didn't believe...
The Real La Toya is ready to throw down: 140 Characters at a time!
She seems to just be getting started with LaTweeting, invigorated by her electrifying appearance at Macy's Glamorama and a twitpic with Aubrey Oday and Macy Gray.
We love meeting more of the true Toy with each tantalizing tweet!

Turns out ToyToy likes long drives in the rain,
wears DOLCE & GABBANNA RED perfume,
lives for Louboutins,
and her favorite soup is Stracciatella!

La Toya Eating Soup
Self Portrait : October 1, 2010
National Portrait Gallery - Washington, D.C. (proposed entry)
[t/y DarinG.!]

June 24, 2010: La Toya appeared on Good Morning Television in the UK to discuss brother Michael's death one year later.
"From the day that I found out Michael was no longer with us, when my mother screamed "He's dead!" on the phone, I just went into this...Who did it?" (aka "Detective La Toya Jackson")
"Michael was not well. And the people that worked around him knew he was not well."
"Michael was murdered for his catalog."
Watch here and here.

Speak the truth, ToyToy!

June 22, 2010: La Toya appeared in the documentary "Michael Jackson and Bubbles: The Untold Story" on Animal Planet. ToyToy was the first member of the Jackson family to visit Bubbles since the chimpanzee was sent to a Florida sanctuary in 2005. Watch Here

June 20, 2010: La Toya talked to News Of The World on the anniversary of Michael's death: "Michael Was Too Good For This World"

June 2010: La Toya accepted another award (On behalf of her late brother Michael) and took part in a performance of "Earth Song" (to pay tribute to her late brother Michael) at the MUS-TV awards in Russia! Check out ToyToy's Power Vocals!
Toy Kills the Killing Fields!

April 2010: La Toya speaks to Jensen on Dutch TV about Michael, his death, the investigation, his funeral, his children, management, her past, and her future! Parts 1,2,3,4,&5!
You must understand!

April 2010: La Toya stopped off in Malta to accept a lifetime achievement award!!
(Well, it was honoring her brother Michael but she picked it up!)
Press conference via ToyTube
LaToya greeting Maltese fans at Tigne Point

March 2010: La Toya became the new face of Dream Cream, the "world's most luxurious hand cream". It contains diamond dust, see!

Because she's worth it!

Feb. 8, 2010: La Toya and other members of the Jackson Family attended the arraignment of Dr. Conrad Murray on involuntary manslaughter charges in the death of Michael Jackson.
LaTer that day, La Toya released this statement:

"Michael was murdered, and although he died at the hands of Dr. Conrad Murray, I believe Dr. Murray was a part of a much larger plan. There are other individuals involved, and I will not rest and I will continue to fight until all of the proper individuals are brought forth and justice is served."
(via mtvnews)

Jan. 15, 2010: La Toya appeared in an absolutely beautiful Michael Jackson tribute at the Semperopernball in Dresden and made an heartfelt appeal to keep her brother's charitable spirit alive.
Watch the video here. (ToyToy comes in at 4:15)

New Year's Eve: La Toya helped ring in the new decade in front of 90000+ people in Warsaw, Poland at a tribute concert to her brother Michael. Watch incredible behind-the-scenes hotel room videos from her official YouTube channel here & here & here & here! A most Joyous New Year to our beloved ToyToy!
Her love, generosity, compassion and glamour continues to inspire us!
Happy Twen-TOY-10!!

Dec. 17, 2009: La Toya presented a giant check for $10,000 from her record company Ja-Tail Records to Aids Project Los Angeles, the proceeds thus far from her charity single "Home" and her milkshake at Millions of Milkshakes.
(dListed: SanToy Claus is Everywhere)

Dec. 2009: La Toya appeared on the German television special Menschen 2009 ("People 2009"). She gave an interview and was forced to watch a series of Michael Jackson impersonators!
Part 1
& Part 2.
Watch her getting ready in her dressing room here!
ToyToy chatted backstage with Susan Boyle!
"Boom-Boom dee Boom-Boom!"

November 2, 2009: La Toya gave a very forthcoming interview to "Good Day, L.A." about her music, Michael's homicide, how her family is coping, the missing money, Paris' "magic moment" at the funeral, how Michael forgave her for the things she once said about him, Growing Up Jackson™, and how the silence talks to her!
They didn't tell her she was on!!

Halloween 2009: La Toya appeared in costume at Millions of Milkshakes to raise money for APLA. Watch this video of La Toya striking a few poses with the staff! (Don't miss our ToyToyShakeShake page!)

October 29, 2009: ToyToy will appear on The Bonnie Hunt Show. Watch a preview here! S'il vous plaît!
(La Toya loves fresh fruit and is allergic to chocolate!)

October 21, 2009: La Toya does an interview with RadioGoDaddy:

La Toya loves being an Access Hollywood correspondent for Dancing With The Stars because it keeps her mind off of Michael's death and she loves being up close to the energy of the dancers. She has always watched the show with her mother in the past.

She never felt Michael overshadowed her music career, because she was performing in Europe at the time so it worked out.

La Toya "never ever ever" regretted posing for Playboy, but didn't want to do it and was forced to by her management at the time. She thought she would be able to pose in lingerie, didn't want to get naked and was referred to as "Mother Teresa" on the set! During one shot her robe slipped down, exposing her nipple. Everyone loved the shot so much they flew it to Hugh Hefner in Los Angeles that day! It was the first Jackson Wardrobe malfunction!

October 20, 2009: La Toya appeared on Dancing With The Stars as part of a special dance tribute to her brother Michael. Watch here.

MOBO 2009 : La Toya appeared alongside her brother Jermaine to participate in a tribute to Michael at the Music Of Black Origin awards in Glasgow, Scotland. Watch parts 1,2,3 here along with her backstage interview with Peter Andre (who has claimed that he is recording an MJ tribute song with La Toya). "It's definitely something not to be missed!" (Thanks to PureToy!)

NBC has accounced that La Toya will be a special guest correspondent for Access Hollywood covering Dancing With The Stars! La Toya sat down for an interview with the entertainment news program and they were so impressed at how natural she was in front of the camera that they offered her this great new opportunity. After turning down a spot to compete on DWTS this season, it appears that hosting is much more Toya's speed! We'll be watching!

September 14, 2009: La Toya Jackson appeared at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood to unveil her namesake shake! The store is known for naming their flavor combinations after huge celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan to attract paparazzi and draw publicity, so no wonder they invited La Toya to launch one of her own! The Official La Toya Shake (which it kinda sounds as if ToyToy may have been making up as she went along...) consists of raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, caramel, Skittles, ice cream, whipped cream, mixed nuts and a Cadbury chocolate Flake!

Check out our exclusive photos of the event on our special ToyToyShakeShake page!  

Watch La Toya's interview about her milkshake with here!
"It's gonna be fabulous and taste great!"

September 11, 2009: "Solo artist and model" La Toya Jackson appears with Barbara Walters on 20/20 for her first sit down interview since Michael Jackson died. In it she reveals:Her feelings about her brother:
"I don't think we'll find a person as talented, a person who thought the way he thought. A person with the heart that Michael had....People aren't that way anymore. He was special. He wasn't God, but he was certainly God-like. He was the closest thing to a god that I knew."

How Michael looked in the casket:
"Absolutely fabulous... He was dressed all white pearl beads going across, draped across. A beautiful big gold belt... Like a belt that you win being a boxer... Full makeup... his hair was done beautifully, his makeup was done beautifully."

That Michael had ammended his relationship with his father Joseph and believes Michael would have wanted him to be involved in their lives.That Blanket is Hispanic.
"I said to Michael, I said: He looks Hispanic. And Michael said: He is."

That Michael's children will continue to be home schooled, and have never had any relationship with possible guardian Diana Ross:
"I know of course that Diana Ross is second in line for the children of course, and mother has spoken to her about things of that nature, but I don't wish to go into detail."

As to whether Diana Ross wants to raise Michael's three children:
"I think my mother knows the answer to that."

And La Toya blames Michael's death on all of the doctors who treated him:
"I blame any and everybody who was instrumental in Michael's life providing him with drugs because it was wrong. It was terribly wrong." "They're doctors! This is going against their license, Barbara. You don't do things like that."

Watch La Toya's interview from "20/20" via the ABCnews YouTube channel here, here and here.

September 4, 2009: Read our thoughts on the "Home" music video at Your Weekly La Toya Xperience blog! We are an honored guest contributor! Thanks, guys!!

September 1, 2009: The music video for "Home" premieres on iTunes! Available here: Home Or watch the television network premiere on Access Hollywood.

“I am thankful to the investigators for uncovering the truth to the world and I look forward to the day that justice will be served to all the parties involved in my brother’s homicide.”

September 2009: La Toya is set for an exclusive, no-holds-barred interview with the one-and-only Barbara Walters on ABC's 20/20 on September 11th. It has also been announced that La Toya will be a guest host of Barbara's other show The View on September 16th & 18th.

August 11, 2009: US Magazine reports that La Toya is in "serious discussions" to join the next season of "Dancing With the Stars" on ABC. They would have to rename the show "Dancing With The Superstars!"

UPDATE: La Toya tells Access Hollywood that she and her mother Katherine love DWTS but it's not the right time for her! Also she would love to sit next to Simon on American Idol! We would love that too!
She also told E! and the Insider that the Jackson family is "doing the best we can" and "it's a difficult moment"! Other rumors later surfaced that La Toya had been offered the similar "Strictly Come Dancing" in the UK, but the lineup has since been announced and it does not include our beloved ToyToy.

July 30, 2009: La Toya launches her Official YouTube Channel! (Has the channel already been changed?)
(Check out our page ToyTube™ for all the latest videos!

July 28th, 2009: La Toya releases the song "Home" as a tribute to her brother Michael on iTunes, with all proceeds going to AIDS Project Los Angeles. The track has a "Will You Be There/You Are Not Alone" vibe, and was originally intended for her never-released 2005 album Startin' Over.

"Joker miss you too..."

July 2009: La Toya relaunches her official website and myspace pages. La Toya Blogs!

July 12, 2009: "Michael was MURDERED!" La Toya makes this shocking claim in an interview carried in the Daily Mail and News of the World. And she KNOWS who did it! She accuses Michael's handlers of keeping him drugged up to control him and alleges that they eventually murdered him for his money. La Toya goes on to discuss Debbie Rowe's lack of motherworthyness, Blanket's paternity, missing millions in cash from Michael's rented mansion, Michael's desire to quit music and become a movie director, and Michael predicting his own death at 50! If anyone can get to the bottom of this it's Officer Jackson! Expect more bombshells in the weeks to come!

July 7, 2009: La Toya attended the memorial for her brother along with her entire family at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Her words for Michael were printed in the program:

“Michael, I recall you sitting on a chair in your bedroom staring at the television watching the 1980 Grammy awards show, crying to me because you had won only one Grammy award and you said, 'Watch, La Toya, my next record I am going to sell more records and win more Grammys than anyone in the history of music... I will be the biggest and the greatest entertainer of all time.' You began to write that dream all throughout your bedroom, on the walls, on the mirrors, in your books and anywhere else you could find space. You started working much harder, creating sounds in songs that the world had never heard before, you started dancing until you would literally collapse. When most artists were trying to learn how to sing and do a two-step, you were singing and moonwalking. You took your dream to a much higher level and turned it into a reality, a reality of over 100 million records sold on that next album "Thriller." You thereafter continued to turn every one of your dreams into reality, while inspiring the world, and becoming the most recognizable, the most well-know, and the most loved person in the entire world.You’ve lived your dream, you’ve proven to us all that if we believe, you will achieve; you believed, and oh my, did you achieve! What you've accomplished is astounding - no one can ever possibly follow. Your dreams were so incredible that it made the world a much happier place to live, and the world wouldn't let you rest because they demanded your dreams to transport them to another place!You've done your work here Michael, you've entertained us for decades and there's nothing else that you can prove or accomplish here on earth. You taught us how to laugh, how to love and how to believe. God has called for you to come home, collect your wings and fulfill your demands in Heaven and continue your magic amongst the angels. Mike I love you deeply and I can't wait to see you perform again.Keep the magic going!!!"
-La Toya

After the memorial La Toya and her sisters Janet and Rebbie went across the street from the Staples Center to the Nokia Theater overflow viewing to say thank you on behalf of the family. YouTube video here and here.

July 2009: La Toya updated her official site with this special message about Michael's passing:

June 25, 2009: La Toya rushed to the hospital upon learning of her brother Michael's cardiac arrest and passing. Our hearts go out to La Toya and all the Jacksons and hope that the paparazzi and tabloids will give them all some space to grieve, an unlikely prospect.

June 2009: La Toya was to make an appearance in the new Sacha Baron Cohen movie: "Brüno"! Apparently she got tricked by the British comic as his gay Austrian entertainment reporter character and gets served sushi by naked Mexican gardeners. The scene has reportedly been cut from the film in the wake of her brother's passing.

UPDATE NOV 2009: The scene was added as a bonus scene on the DVD release!

Coming in 2009?: La Toya's own reality show and a book*! Plus £55,000 fan meet-and-greets!

Jan 2009: La Toya survives 20 days as a housemate on Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 4 in the UK! Follow all of the la test news on our Big Toya™ page!

May 2008: At a Red-Hot Red-Carpet Event for the gala opening of some German department store, La Toya appeared looking flawlessly Toyliscious and none of these bloggers can stand it!

(as seen on perez)

April 2007: CBS announces a second series with La Toya: "Pop Dynasty." La Toya will join her brothers Jermaine and Tito in finding a new clan of superstar singing siblings. CBS execs say La Toya "popped" in A&F, and we agree!! We love the LaTiffany Network!

February 2007: La Toya launches an official MySpace page. Go there to watch her personal videos and to listen to her new single: "I Don't Play That" (formerly Armed and Famous). Watch out, Toy's glock is loaded!!

January 2007: La Toya starred in Armed & Famous on CBS television, a reality show where celebrities became deputized as real police officers in Muncie, Indiana. Officer Jackson carried out numerous dangerous police functions: busting crooks and cuffing crackheads with surprising authority, delivering babies and consoling victims with her trademark compassion, while conquering her own fear of housecats. Her voice even lowered several octaves as she found new self-confidence! (Or was it from getting tasered!)
UPDATE: The show was cancelled by CBS after 3 weeks, La Toya's comeback appeal not enough to stop the show from getting crushed in the ratings by the American Idol tsunami. The remaining episodes may air this summer, or possibly Vh1, where it belonged in the first place!

I said put your hands up in the air! FREEZE! Hilarious recap here! See clips at our ToyTube!See La Toya flash the paparazzi! (her badge!)

In 2006 La Toya became spokemodel for Austrailian Malt Beverage StarIce. Watch the incredible photo-shoot footage from here! Check out the new photos on the StarIce myspace page!

Spring 2005: La Toya supported brother Michael throughout his trial (it was her idea to wear white to the arraignment!). "Startin' Over", La Toya's first album in over ten years, has yet to be released by Ja-Tail Records. The promo-only singles "Free the World" and "Just Wanna Dance" charted as high as #13 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play charts, under the name "Toy". Tracks from the album were leaked on the internet in 2006. Her official website says a release is definitely happening or later!La Toya's 1980 debut album was finally released on CD in June 2006 on Cherry Pop Records in the UK. Featuring the disco hit "If You Feel the Funk," the classic "Lovely is She," and her colaboration with brother Michael, "Night Time Lover."

La Toya's ex-husband/"management" Jack Gordon died April 2005 at age 66 to little notice.

On Janurary 10th 2004, La Toya broke the big toe on her left foot while in rehearsals for the "Just Wanna Dance" music video. The base to a microphone stand fell off of a speaker and landed on her foot.

On January 5th 2004, La Toya appeared on latin talk show hostess Cristina's show to address the latest charges against Michael. She also invited La Toya to come back and sing one of her new songs when she records it in Spanish! Now on ToyTube!


La Toya appeared in an "All Access" special for Vh1 in March 2004. A previous "Vh1 All Access" special: Celebrity Pets Unleashed, featuring her snakes Adam & Eve, began airing in Summer 2003.

La Toya was interviewed by Access Hollywood/Dateline NBC on April 15th, 2003. Clip no longer available!

Toy in the Joy Spot! LaToya co-hosted "The View" on ABC, Friday, March 14th, 2003.

La Toya appeared in a worldwide exclusive interview with Larry King on CNN, March 4th 2003.

on her six year absence from the media radar:
"I just needed to get all of the negativity out of my life and just go into finding out what I wanted and who I was and that's basically what I did."

on the Playboy pictorials...
"I -- actually it was my management. It's nothing that I would have done on my own."

on Jack Gordon a.k.a. "the management":
"I was promised that if I ever left, that I would be killed. And I believed it."

"You know what? I'm in a good space in my life at the moment, and I want to keep it there. I'm very positive now, and I like that and I want to stay that way, actually."

on Michael and the children:
"Michael -- he's doing fine. He's wonderful. Thanks for asking. And his children are just absolutely adorable."

She also stated that her new album "Starting Over" is slated for a summer 2003 release. A complete transcript appears here. Stay positive, Toya!

What did you think? Let us know and we'll post it on the Toyababble page!


La Toya launched her official website in August 2002,! Which in January of 2004 was relaunched as Here, she tells us she's been spending time with her family, remodeling her home, is loving being on her own, is working on some new music, including a tribute to NYfirefighters. **In December 2006 she posted this newsletter to her fans, updating them on why she had to keep her involvement in A&F a secret at first, and details some of her incredible police action she was involved in. Including posing as a prostitute!

"La Toya: The E! True Hollywood Story" aired in late February, 2000!

what we liked: The extensive Moulin Rouge footage, La Toya on an elephant, and lots of pretty pictures.
what sucked: The salacious tone, and general disrespect to La Toya's talent and career; The one sided La Toya slamming- "La Toya's career careened"; Why didn't we hear from La Toya herself? The last footage they had of her was from two years ago! Why only Jack Gordon's view? Speaking of Jack, he certainly didn't dispell any notions that he is in fact a total sleaze-ball. His tales of stalking La Toya out and being handed her by father Joe were creepy, and his notion that he is a "puppet master" is laughable. How much genius does it take to think of getting a beautiful woman to pose in Playboy?; "turkey baster sex"; The photos were not chronological and didn't match the story;

Our grade: A for subject matter, C- for content.your opinion? Drop us a line!

La Toya was the special guest on "The Graham Norton Show" Christmas Special! It aired on Christmas Eve, 1998 on Channel 4 in Great Britain! Apparantly she also appeared on the now-cancelled Howie Mandel show around this same time, and if you have a copy of it... write us!

La Toya appeared as herself in 1997 on the FOX late-nite comedy show: MADtv, with coordinating publicity by E! News. Her divorce with Jack-no comment-Gordon is at last final. She's an internationally known star, and is now working on finishing a new album. And that's what she's working on at the moment.

You can read the latest news on La Toya at her official site.

<<What is La Toya's latest CD?>>

July 28th, 2009: La Toya released the song "Home", originally recorded for her never-released album Startin' Over, now as a tribute to her brother Michael on iTunes.La Toya's first completely new album in many years "Startin' Over" was slated for Fall 2005, and includes the tracks Tropical Breeze... You're So Nasty... Don't Want You No More... and Free the World: La Toya's song dedicated to New York Firefighters. In her December 06 official website newsletter to fans she said the project "is not, and has not, been on the back burner", and is definately coming out, as soon as it comes out!Jan. 2007: La Toya releases a new song, "I Don't Play That" to radio. Originally titled "Armed & Famous," it was quickly retitled after the cancellation of the series!May 2007: LaToyaLove presents "Sexual Liar (La Toya vs. The Freemasons)" remixed by DJ Silent Collaborator. A mash-up of La Toya's "Sexual Feeling (Sex Mix)" and Beyoncé & Shakira's "Beautiful Liar (Freemasons Club Mix)". Enjoy the 9 minute Toygasm!La Toya's last album "Stop in the Name of Love" featured Scandi-TechnoPop reworkings of Motown Classics. Released in 1995, it features some of the best production of La Toya's voice ever, the CD features such hits as "Tears of a Clown", "Baby Love", her brother's "I'll be There"... and they instantly become LaToya's forever. Recorded in Denmark and released only in Europe, it's difficult to find, try the importers listed below or Ebay.Her last U.S. album was "La Toya Jackson: From Nashville To You" (1994, MarGor Records). Tracks from her early-90's European "Sexual Feeling" and "No Relations" albums occasionally reappear on unheard-of import label releases. Many are still available for about $5 at See the covers in the Album Gallery.

A mysterious German Import CD-Single entitled "Don't Break My Heart" was released in March, 1998 on A&M records. It's Uptempo EuroNRG ala Vengaboys and may have been released against La Toya's wishes.
**Feb 2008: PopTrashAddicts posted a great blog about the song here.
**Jan 2009: Smashing PopTrashAddicts retrospective: LaToya 88/The Purple Album!

Ultra-rare is the CD to La Toya's 1992 show at the Moulin Rouge in Paris... "Formidable!" Which you can order from, but may not have in stock.Listen to clips from all of La Toya's Albums for free right now in The Dazzling LaToya Jackson Experience! Or watch the latest clips on ToyTube!Who listens to La Toya's music? Find out at!
<<How do I contact La Toya?>>

P.O. Box 7158
Beverly Hills, Ca. 90212

use this search box to support the Universal Love of La Toya....


The Dazzling La Toya Jackson Entertainment Experience!

Exclusive La Toya Mash-up! Listen now!
Plus clips from La Toya at
The Moulin Rouge!

LingTing Links:

No links here to pictures of La Toya nude or naked, or someone exploiting her image to sell cyber-cam sex or psychic phone readings-- The Universal Love of La Toya seeks out only quality sites to set upon the offering...

LaToya Jackson World

Interesting... what is this?
Presents itself as an official La Toya site but it's unconfirmed.
Is it made by a ToySoldier?

The Church of La Toya

The legendary Church of LaToya Forum has now become this new forum at!
The #1 Discussion Board for all things LA TOYA!
Toy Soldier Matt from the Church of LaToya has also started!

UPDATE 2019: Best place to currently worship at the Church of La Toya is on Facebook

Your Weekly La Toya Xperience
Without question the HOTEST new La Toya site on the net!
An opinionated, hilarious, and up-to-date blog by Toy Experience in conjuction with the fantastic...

EXCELLENT La Toya-obsessed music blog!
Read Mike from Sydney's brilliantly written reviews of LaToya '88, I Don't Play That, & Don't Break My Heart,
as well as his invaluable ToyToyTalk Dictionary!

For at least six long years the fans of La Toya Jackson have been waiting for her to release her new album, Startin' Over. Please La Toya, release the album NOW! Sign the Petition!

At last, La Toya's own official site! It kicked off with an extended live chat with La Toya herself in July 2004! The site promises updates on the latest La Toya news, private photos, song downloads, a La Toya boutique, e-cards, a private members-only area, even a La Toya crossword puzzle! It's the first stop for any La Toya fan! On it, she claims she loves to surf the web, but "thinks it's sad because people take your name and create a website and exploit you and write whatever they want and others read it and believe it." Boy, hope she's not talking about the Universal Love, we only speak the truth, and we're here to honor your divine fabulousness, Miss Jackson! (UPDATE!!) LaToya Online was relaunched in July 2009! La Toya Blogs!



Toy French Fan Blog

A fantastic French La Toya fansite with lots of animations, computer art and even packaging for an imaginary La Toya doll! C'est formidable!
The Official Dutch Jackson Fanclub which dates back to 1979 morphed into this site in 2006.
A great resource for all things Jackson!

Visit the ToyaBabble page!
How has Toy touched you?
press here to testify...


La Toya appears in the movie Hip Hop Immortals which you can download off! Straight to your TiVo even!

A fantastic site entirely dedicated to one of La Toya's greatest albums: "Bad Girl". And all of its many incarnations! The tracks from this album were the basis for most of her material from LaToya LIVE at Bally's. Lovely is She indeed!
Armed and Famous Wiki
Bad Girl
Celebrity Big Brother 2009 Wiki
Discography Wiki

Free the World Wiki
Formidable Wiki
Heart Don't Lie Wiki
I Don't Play That Wiki
Just Wanna Dance Wiki

La Toya: Growing Up In The Jackson Family Wiki
My Special Love Wiki
No Relations Wiki
Purple Album Wiki
Sex Box Wiki
Startin' Over Wiki
IMDB not only lists all of La Toya's acting credits, but also has some great pics of her posing with Sidney Poitier, Wolfgang Puck, and Apollonia!!


LaToya Jackson: No Relations (taken down)

Taking it's name from LaToya's phenomenal 1991 album, this site features an A-Z of LaToya, a discography/filmography,downloads, and more!

Protégé Glow Entertainment

Not exactly sure why there's (no longer) a page devoted to the notable TV appearances of LaToya on Bette Midler, perhaps is has something to do with them standing next to each other during "We Are The World".... either way, it feature(d) great screen shots of LaToya's numerous guest appearances on talk shows, variety shows, and entertainment news programs.

Other pages include the Jackson Lovers R Us page and the LaToya interview at ASKMEN.


Hardy's Tribute to LaToya Jackson and LaToya's Place were once wonderful archives of images of Miss Jackson, both have ceased operation.
You can now listen to all of La Toya's tracks produced by Full Force (Producers of Samantha Fox, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, N*Sync, Cheryl Pepsii Riley, etc.) at Full Force

Visit the Universal Love of LaToya's Album Cover Gallery !

"From Nashville To You" Homepage
Listen to LaToya's 1994 country album in RealAudio! 

Is this the best layout for a webpage EVER or what??!!!

from before his demise in 2005.......

<<What about Jack?>>

LaToya divorced her manager/husband Jack Gordon in 1996. The Universal Love believes that although some of LaToya's most glorious moments occurred while under his management, he also hit her with a chair and forced her to do things she didn't want to do. We love you, Toya, and are glad you're free now! Read the complete divorce details here.

In yet another predictable move for Jack, he reportedly is releasing a book of his own, where he will try and sell out "the secrets" of the Jackson Family, including an alleged Jackson Family monkey sacrifice! Sounds a lot like Jack doesn't have a publisher yet. Or a conscience.Jack Gordon at one point managed Elvis Presley Jr., who claims to be The King's Illegitimate son, and the newly re-nosed national skank: Paula Jones! Now we truly know what a complete scumbag Jack is, not that we ever thought otherwise... No doubt keep your eyes peeled for Paula's psychic infomercials*, Playboy** spread, and exotic club tour!Jack appeared on Extra saying that Paula once told him that she made up the whole thing Clinton Hotel encounter. Howard Stern gave him 2 lie detector tests, of which he passed one and failed the other.
*How sad that our prediction came true! Jack "puppet master" Gordon eventually did book Paula a psychic line deal. Too bad nobody cared!**And even sadder, Paula posed for Penthouse!***PPS. Jack died in 2005 at age 66. Jack Gordon Wiki


Jack Gordon and The Genovese Crime Family
Read about Jack's $1,500-a-month protection money he paid to the Genovese Crime Family to protect LaToya on a tour to Russia.

Read the text of Jack's phone conversations at The Smoking

La Toya Jackson Plastic Surgery page?

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